As most companies would prefer to not have bad stories shared about them, the #McDstories is a perfect example of a failed digital-viral text. Their most likely intention was probably for people to share all the unforgettable, heartfelt times that they had at their establishment, but this was not the case. Twitter users took advantage […]

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EdGy MeMeS

Whenever I think of memes, I think about the original white text over the photo that everyone knows (e.g. Good Guy Greg). I believe this was the first birth of “memeing” and it has evolved to become more intricate and have a deeper thought process associated. I wanted to go back and pay tribute to […]

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MAP in class writing

Maps can utilize both visual and written aspects of media. It can tell a story in the area that has happened or just provide information about that area. At the same time, multiple maps can show the progression of the location and educate the interpreter of how, for example deforestation, far the issue has progressed, […]

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MAP Proposition

For this project, we’ve decided to focus our map on the Gulf oil spill (2010) and its effects on biodiversity and surrounding coastal communities. This map will address the nearby states and cities affected and the distance/depth of the oil spill itself. We chose this topic because the Gulf spill is the most detrimental offshore […]

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Audio Reflection (In Class)

One of the affordances of sound is that it is very easy to manipulate. There is no way for one to know what video/piece a sound is found from. If the sound is edited together properly, a fluid composition should come through. Of course, if the sounds that you want to put together (e.g. someone’s […]

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Blog Post #7

The message I got from Kerschbaum about multimodally inhospitable mediums was generally that some information is not understood/cannot be accessed through certain styles of interaction. In our INFO 303 class, I think the most prevalent example of this would be the project/discussion process we complete for this class. Each project so far has taken a […]

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Freewrite Questions (10/17)

Media can take a variety of form, and the manipulation of media is a form of communication to me. No matter how abstract, no matter how confusing, the artist behind the manipulation is sending a message. A writer manipulates letters together, a graffiti artist manipulates his surroundings, a painter manipulates the shades of colors by […]

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Audio Manipulation Proposal

For this project, we would like to repurpose Kanye’s interviews. We are going to change the interview questions and make the artist’s answers conform to our questions by splicing in words or complete phrases in the wrong context. Some examples of questions would be, “Why did you go insane after releasing your fashion line?” and […]

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Reappropriation vs. Mashup

Differentiating between reappropriation and mash-ups confused me before I read the pieces by Giacona and Sinnreich. I always thought a mash-up was creating a playlist where songs merge with one another and reappropriation was a subset of mash-ups. Reappropriation was easier to decipher because I feel like the word itself describes the action pretty well. […]

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